Sample Projects

Accelerator Program, 3-year program in collaboration with CIC to mentor, advise and support companies coming to Boston in cohorts for 4 months to learn U.S. business practices and to grow their businesses. Companies represent technology and life sciences sectors. As part of the Boston Landing program companies have office space at the CIC and are given support such as weekly coaching and mentoring sessions. They also receive support in business and commercial development, including financing, business orientation, expert sessions, boot camps and networking events.

Biotech/Nanotech Forum, organized two-day forum in Boston for 22 companies and organizations from a European country. The forum included a one-day symposium in Boston featuring panels with thought leaders from Boston and the visiting organizations, one-on-one meetings to facilitate networking, and customized site visits to various research facilities and Boston companies. Prior to the forum a strategy workshop was held in the sponsoring country to refine each visiting organization's positioning and presentation.

International Trade Mission, organized three-day trade mission for 13 companies in multiple sectors from Canada to come to Boston to investigate commercialization of their products. This two-part project involved travel to Canada to coach and offer guidance to the companies. Boston-based corporate partners and government officials were then identified to attend a networking luncheon with the companies and meetings were set up to facilitate business interactions and networking.

Symposium and Partnering Event, organized a one-day symposium, partnering and networking event for a group of European companies, investors and government officials visiting Boston to investigate U.S. business practices and to consider Boston as a U.S. landing site for their companies. Prior to the event each company was mentored and coached on their presentation and elevator pitch. The all-day symposium consisted of experts in a variety of areas such as venture capital, intellectual property and U.S. regulatory issues. For the networking/partnering dinner there were 50 Boston-based experts in a variety of areas with a focus on financing. Each company gave an elevator pitch and was introduced to the experts.

Transbio Partnering Program, Boston Landing team members served as the Technical Leaders and Expert Evaluators in the European Union funded, eight-country program on behalf of the program's U.S. partner, the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment. Transbio competitively chose 36 EU participants from approximately 150 applicants to participate in this transnational technology-transfer program. Activities included: program design; participant recruitment, evaluation and selection; international Transbio promotion at events and on the Internet, training European interns in American technology transfer; an "American boot camp" for European participants to provide training and feedback on presentations and strategy; and facilitation of over 225 partnering meetings and follow-up partnering negotiation facilitation.