Robert Gottlieb

Founder and Principal, RMG Associates

Mr. Gottlieb, who is the Principal at the communications and strategy consulting firm, RMG Associates, has over 30 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as a consultant on strategy and communications, in-house communications director, and journalist. He has substantial experience and a strong track record in work with well over 100 companies and organizations ranging from start-ups in and outside of the U.S. to multi-nationals. Mr. Gottlieb and RMG Associates bring particular expertise in corporate positioning, external and internal communications strategy, and preparation for financing and partnering. He has helped more than 20 clients develop business plans to support venture and public financings. In collaboration with several consulting networks, he also works with government economic development agencies and life science companies in their regions to support their partnering, financing, and other commercial efforts in the U.S. Mr. Gottlieb co-founded Feinstein Kean Healthcare (now a division of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide), a Massachusetts-based communications and business consulting firm focused exclusively on biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and related healthcare organizations. Mr. Gottlieb has served as an advisor to the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council for over 15 years. He also participates as a mentor in MIT's Venture Mentoring Service and in the Boston University Business School's Health Sector mentoring program. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the New England Israel Business Council. Previously, Mr. Gottlieb directed press relations and corporate communications at Biogen Inc., during a key period that laid the foundation for the company's turnaround. Mr. Gottlieb was executive editor of F-D-C Reports, "The Pink Sheet," During his ten-years at "The Pink Sheet," he covered the FDA and drug regulation, pharmaceutical business and the emergence of biotechnology as an industry. Mr. Gottlieb holds a B.A. degree from Trinity College (Connecticut).