Cambridge Innovation Center

The Boston Landing program is located and offers office space and services at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) located in Kendall Square (Cambridge, Massachusetts), at the heart of one of the world's leading innovation districts. CIC is across the street from the MIT campus and surrounded by other world-leading research institutions such as the Broad Institute, and companies such as Microsoft, Novartis and Genzyme (Sanofi).

Since it was established in 1999, CIC has emerged as a leader in fostering collaboration and entrepreneurship throughout the area. CIC's business model is built around supporting innovative businesses. Beyond providing space and services, CIC is designed to be an organic, interactive community that fosters collaboration, interaction and non-stop networking. Having a presence at the CIC provides an opportunity to participate, informally as well as formally, through the Venture Cafe (a weekly networking venue) and other events which regularly occur in the community.

The CIC houses more start-ups and small businesses under its roof than any other facility in the U.S. The world-class environment is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of innovators, inventors, and companies. CIC is home to more than 600 entrepreneurial and more mature organizations, including technology and life sciences companies, professional service firms, venture capitalists and angels. Its clients collectively have raised over $1.1 B in venture capital since 2003.

CIC offers a unique environment for entrepreneurs to learn, grow their networks, and enhance their businesses. CIC has more than 146,000 sq. ft. of fully serviced and highly flexible office and shared space configurations; it is currently expanding in size by 30%.